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Green Marble

Green Marble Udaipur, Rajasthan has the largest deposit in India. Quarries of this marble are exclusive to India. This marble gives aesthetic appearance to your space after installation. For example in flooring, kitchen countertops, table tops, etc.

It is one of most popular marble from India. India is also one of the largest producer of marble in world. The marble is cut with indigenous resource of machinery and tool manufacturers which cater well this sector.

Shree Rishabh Marmo

Shree Rishabh Marmo Pvt Ltd is one of them that manufacture quality Indian Green Marble from its own quarries. We have evolved into the production and manufacturing of blocks, slabs, and tiles. In additions, we own two mechanized quarries at Rishabhdeo, Rajasthan for producing high quality marble. We also have machinery to cut and polish marble at our state of art factory with Italian machinery.

Rishabh Marbles is a renowned organization across the globe that is known for its mesmerized Indian Marble collection. We especially deal in all types of premium materials with great finishes. So here, customers can find wide variety of stones and choose among them.

Furthermore, we are the reputed exporter from India and export our products to more 80 countries without any delay. We offer the finest marble products with a perfect finish quarried from our own quarries. As no doubt, Shree Rishabh Marbles is a leading green marble supplier from India.

Green Marble Tiles & Slabs 

Tile of this marble is produced on latest machinery supplied by Italian manufacturers. The tiles are available in calibrated as well as non calibrated finishing. We have six varieties available in green marble tiles for different types of uses. Tiles are very good alternative to big slab.

Slab of this beautiful marble are very popular in Europe, Africa and middle east. We have supplied hundreds of containers to different projects in Turkey, Northern Africa and Europe. Italy remain our main buyer for purchasing Green Marble Slabs. We are making slabs in different sizes and all six variety is available in slab size.

Alternative Names

This marble is famous by many names in all over the world. In Europe people know it as Verde Guatemala marble . We produce different types of it like for example Oasis Green, Ocean Green, Jade Green, Forest Green, Mystic Green, etc. It comes in too many shads like light green color, dark green color, plain green color, shaded green with natural & lavishing designs, patterns and textures. This is one of the most fascinating Indian Marble that gives striking ambiance and enhances the beauty of any decor with its varying color tone and nice-looking grain structure. It provides a remarkable finish to your interior or exterior portion.


It is mostly used for both interior and exterior flooring applications. This stone is highly recommended by designers for making  green marble Kitchen Countertop, Wall Cladding, Flooring and Table tops.